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Until he married Liana, he had longed for family, and now he was wrapped in it as tightly as she. If they left here, what would they take with them that would anchor them? How would the children grow, with no sense of who they were or whose they were or where they belonged? It would be like falling off the edge of the earth. No, there was no point in even discussing it. A man like Ara, a man who had lost everything—such a man could make a home in a new place. But not a person who had to give up so much to leave. He couldn’t even imagine what America must be like, filled with people who had left their homes. Filled with people who had let go of their anchors.

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For one hundred seventy years, Edward Fairfax Rochester has stood as one of literature's most romantic, complex, and mysterious heroes. Sometimes haughty, sometimes tender--professing his love for Jane Eyre in one breath and denying it in the next--Mr. Rochester has for generations mesmerized, beguiled, and yes, baffled fans of Charlotte Bronte's masterpiece. But his own story has never been told. Now, Edward: a vulnerable, brilliant, complicated man has a chance to tell his story.

"Reader, she married me."

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